Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Gain Weight The Good Way

Have you ever heard bodybuilders talking about wanting to gain weight and wondered what on earth they mean? Most people think of gaining weight as gaining fat, which, for body builders, or any other health conscious individuals for that matter, is not quite the idea! Gaining weight, assuming you're more interested in being fit than being fat, means looking to gain muscle weight/mass.
Far from being a matter of simply eating large amounts of food, gaining weight, the good way, is less about how much food you eat than about what you eat, and how you utilize what you eat. Eating more carbohydrates is an obvious first move when gaining weight is your goal. When adding muscle is also part of the plan, carbohydrates give you the energy you need to be able to lift weights... or indulge in whatever form of physical exercise your personal fitness program dictates.
If you choose to work out with weights, increasing your muscle mass requires either lifting progressively heavier weights, or increasing the number of repetitions for each specific exercise. Don't force yourself to lift weights that you cannot handle; lift weights that are heavy enough so that you can do at least 5 to 10 repetitions, per set, using that weight. Once you can do 10-12 sets using a certain amount of weight, you might advance to heavier weights or increase the repetitions, as you choose.
Fill up on carbohydrates before you work out. Porridge, milk, bananas, whole grain breads, brown rice and such foods all boost your energy and have high amounts of fiber, which is why they are great options for anyone wanting to gain weight. Once you are done working out concentrate on eating lean proteins; Beef, eggs, chicken, veal, and fish are good options where proteins are concerned. These are all foods that help reduce the wear and tear of your muscles, which is essential for good recovery after exercise.
Finally, a sensible attitude to sleep is as important as the food you eat. Plenty of rest allows your muscles to recover and grow, so that you regain your strength and are ready to continue the regimen of healthy eating and exercise. And ready to gain the weight you want... the good way.
Following these simple steps will help you to get closer to your goal and towards having the body you always wanted. Well, get started now!

Friday, August 23, 2013

Tips on Getting Hair Extensions

Most people that get hair extensions go to their hair stylist for them. Sometimes there are people who want to try to do hair extensions at home to save some money. If you do intend to try to place these items in your hair at home then the following tips may help you out.
Hair stylist recommends that you purchase a weft of hair when you are going to be putting these extensions in at home. The weft of hair is a section of hair strategically sewn together along the upper edge. You will also need to purchase some extension clips, and have those clips attached to the weft by a seamstress. You need to attach two or more clips so the weft hold firmly in place.
Make certain that you are purchasing the correct length that you need. Human hair extensions are some of the most popular and if you are buying lengths that are longer than you need and then having to cut portions of them off you are wasting money.
Clip in extensions are the cheapest versions and the easiest home inserted versions. The clip in styles allows you to add a little length or volume anytime you want to, without spending a great deal of money. The trick to these clips in styles is for you to tease the natural hair right at the root. This will allow your clips to fasten securely and hold in place.
When you are using an extension to create an up-style, such as a pony tail then you want to put the extensions in upside down. By placing them in upside down they will be in the proper position when it is time for you to sweep the hair up. Make certain they are placed under a layer of your natural hair so that no one can see the extension.
When you do need to trim some of the length from the extender you have to clip it into your hair to get the length correct. It is best if you part your hair down the middle and then comb all of one side to the front. Clip in the extender about one inch from your part line. Brush the hair smoothly and trim the additional hair to length. Repeat the process on the other side of your head.
You can visit a hair salon and have extensions cut and chosen specifically for you. You will get more natural looking styles with these salon purchased items. The salon can show you how to use sponge rollers to create curly effects on these hair pieces.
You can add thickening spray and scrunch the hair piece up to give it a look like you have been outdoors or in the wind. You can use smoothing serums to make the hair piece appear straight and sleek. There are many different ways to use and style these pieces to create the looks you are trying to achieve. The best thing you can do is play around with the different styles when you are not going anywhere until you can create them.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Living a Stress-Free Life - Starting Now

In today's fast paced world, countless people just can't conceive what it might mean to live a stress-free life. Stress is thought to be "part of life, because that just is how life is." Many positive life experiences, like buying a new home, or getting married, can be stressful. This kind of stress is par for the course. But negative stress has its roots in pain, not pleasure, and it's something that you can, and should, live without. When you choose something (or someone) to be part of your life or lifestyle, your first thoughts are rarely of the stress that might come along with your choice. Change in circumstances or in your perception of your personal world, are often triggers for unanticipated stress. If you're already living with the results of some dubious choices, the following tips might help you to restore some balance to an overly stressful life:
Surround yourself with people who are positive and believe in you: Not many people understand how a negative person or group can affect them. Negative people, at their least harmful, might make you feel a little uncomfortable; at their worst they will want you to feel as miserable and angry as they do themselves. Avoid them at all costs and you'll be avoiding a major source of stress!
Be a go-getter: If there's a particular goal you want to achieve. Go for it! There's a whole lot of stress to be had in spending your days wishing you'd done things differently yesterday and even more in regretting the fact that you didn't try at all.
Appreciate the small things: As we get older, we sometimes stop seeing the little things that used to bring us joy. Material possessions become more important. Make it a habit to look at the world through the eyes of your (stress free) inner child, appreciate the beauty of the natural world. Take time to "stop and smell the roses", as the old saying goes.
Steal some time for yourself: Escape the rat-race, if only for a few fleeting moments and spend some time in self-reflection, self-improvement, or self-indulgence! Practice your dance moves, your Yoga positions, or your guitar chords. Do whatever makes you happy and your stress levels will decrease, by default.
Living a stress free life is sometimes as simple as refusing to remove the 'rose colored spectacles', that nobody minded you wearing when you were a kid. Leave stress to the 'grown-ups', adjust your focus, change your perspective, adjust your attitude, and rediscover the simple pleasures in life.

Monday, August 5, 2013

Body Contouring - Four Procedures to Improve Your Body Shape

Body contouring surgery, a form of cosmetic surgery is provided to improve the overall body shape. It has to be performed by a licensed and professional plastic surgeon if the best results are to be obtained. The procedure of body contouring involves targeting a specific body part or area that requires cosmetic refining or modifications. This procedure can be performed on almost all parts of the body to enhance the appearance. Breast augmentation, arm lift, thigh lift, tummy tuck and liposuction are among the most sought after aesthetic procedures.

Body Contouring Surgery - Some Options
Liposuction: It is one of the most popular body contouring procedures, requested by both men and women. Liposuction involves the procedure of removing excess fat deposits from the patient's body. At present, safe and effective body sculpting workstations are available that have taken liposuction to a new level, making it much simpler. These include Smartlipo Triplex (uses laser energy), BodyTite (uses radiofrequency energy) and Vaser 2.0 (uses ultrasound).
Breast Lift: This is a procedure many women undergo to improve the appearance of the breasts. Unflattering changes such as sagging of the breasts are a major concern for women. The problems are either age related ones, or after effects of pregnancies. Breast lift surgery involves removing excess skin and fatty deposits from the patient's breasts and tightening the surrounding tissues. This enables the breasts to acquire a more youthful and attractive appearance. The procedure performed under general anesthesia, usually takes around three hours for completion.
Tummy Tuck: Also known as abdominoplasty, tummy tuck surgery procedure is yet another body contouring surgery that is equally popular. Persons having excess skin in their abdominal involves the removal of stubborn and excess fat deposits in the middle lower section. The remaining skin is then stretched and if necessary, a new navel is created and the area is sutured. The procedure requires around three to five hours for completion. The outcome of the surgery is a flatter, smoother and firmer abdomen for the patient; the unsightly stretch marks would disappear completely.
Arm Lift and Thigh Lift: In arm lift surgery or brachioplasty, excess fat and skin are removed from the upper arm and arm pit regions. While the excess skin is removed, the remaining skin is lifted and tightened, thereby giving the arm a firmer appearance. A similar method is adopted in the thigh lift or thighplasty surgery, where excess skin and fat is removed from the thigh and buttocks area. The time taken for the arm lift and thigh lift surgeries varies from patient to patient.

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Enhance Your Sporting Performance With ZMA Supplements

It's likely you have heard of people that take ZMA tablets. Generally known as Zinc Monomethionine Aspartate, ZMA is a sporting supplement manufactured to boost the performance and physique of athletes and body builders. In several muscle building circles, ZMA use is becoming as widespread as protein supplements and anabolic steroids. This surge in popularity is particularly remarkable since the ZMA dietary supplement hasn't been out there for very long. Many studies are being conducted to learn more of ZMA as a body health supplement.
The constituents of ZMA are vitamin B6, Zinc and magnesium. These three are very important in fortifying your whole body. It has been reported that pro athletes and those that undertake strenuous training and workouts have problems with reduced levels of zinc and magnesium in their bodies. Deficiencies in adequate food in combination with water loss through sweat is usually behind this insufficiency. Zinc is the substance accountable for the synthesis of protein and the development of cells inside the body. And Magnesium? Well that's employed for sustaining a healthy immunue system as well as keeping your bones robust and healthy. Those that have low levels of magnesium in their bodies normally have difficulty with attempting to sleep. Vitamin B6 also serves a crucial function, as it is to blame for turning protein into energy.
The three minerals mentioned provide numerous benefits but mixing them makes their effect much better on the body. It is really quite beneficial, therefore, to mix all these nutrients in a pill or powder. A ZMA nutritional supplement could also help decrease catabolism. As you may know already, catabolism is referred to as a destructive metabolism, and it isn't really good, specifically for active people. Lessening catabolism can give more opportunity for your whole body to get more robust. An additional benefit of taking ZMA is that it can help you recover more quickly after exercise. Body builders and pro athletes take advantage of this since it lessens the time they need to get over muscle sores and it provides them with additional time to train and workout. In addition to that, taking ZMA may help stop sports athletes getting ill, as it beefs up the body's immune system.
Besides the stated benefits associated with ZMA tablets to athletes and energetic people, these supplements offer many additional benefits. It improves sex drive, lowers muscle cramps and ensures better sleeping patterns.Though there are no known side effects connected with ZMA health supplements, there are particular precautions that anyone taking it ought to adhere to. Firstly, never take ZMA without first talking to your physician. For ZMA capsules to be more effective, men and women taking this pill should watch their diet program. Eating food such as beef, chicken eggs and sea food is highly recommended. It is also imperative that you keep in mind calcium can avert zinc assimilation, so do not incorporate too much calcium in your diet.